Jill arrived in our hall complete with boom box and oodles of talent.  Within minutes she had the eyes of every child from age 4 to 12 yrs locked on her as they emulated every move she made.  She coached them effortlessly through ‘Fame’ and ‘Are we human or are we dancer?’  The smiles on the kids faces combined with their eagerness to jump up and rock to the music were a testament to how much they enjoyed working with her.  I would highly recommend her.

Cathy Fennell

Jill O Neill has taught Dance to transition year students for the past four years. During this time Jill has shown herself to be enthusiastic and competent. She has succeeded in getting every TY student interested in her subject area; this has resulted in an impressive display at the TY variety night. She has also established a warm rapport with the students each year and endeavors to ensure that each student maximizes his/her potential.

Bernard Sexton

Ms. Jill O Neill has been working with the children in our school for the last 3 years to deliver a weekly afterschool program Dancing/Hip-hop. Jill has show herself to be a highly skilled and professional trainer throughout all of this time. Her enthusiasm, positive energy and passion for dancing are transmitted to the children straight away and they absolutely love and cannot wait to attend her weekly sessions. She demonstrates her skills in working with children form all grades and dealing with every issue in a professional manner. We are delighted to recommend her to other schools as we think it will be beneficial to all children who take part

Robert O Leary